VOCES8 Foundation Team:

Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer : paul@vcm.foundation

Barnaby Smith, Artistic Director : barney@vcm.foundation

Clare Stewart, Director of Apollo5 : clare@apollo5.co.uk

Ann Wright, Director of Education : ann@vcm.foundation

Jan Keliris, Director VOCES8 Centre : gresham@vcm.foundation

Louise Hughes, VOCES8 Projects and Development : louise@voces8.com

Thomas Webb-Wilson, VOCES8 Foundation Administrator : thomas@vcm.foundation

Chris Wardle, Director of External Relations : chris@vcm.foundation

VOCES8 and Apollo5 Management

Robin Tyson, General Manager- Edition Peters Artist Management : robin.tyson@editionpeters.com


Eleonore Cockerham

Andrea Haines

Katie Jeffries-harris

Barnaby Smith

Euan Williamson

Blake Morgan

Chris Moore

Jonathan Pacey

VOCES8 website


Penelope Appleyard

Clare Stewart

Josh Cooter

Oliver Martin-Smith

Greg Link

Apollo5 website

VOCES8 Education Leaders

Charlotte Brosnan

Emily Dickens

Sam Dressel

Alex Haigh

Rebekah Jones

Laura Lopes

Charles MacDougall

Laurel Neighbour

Emily Owen

Richard Robbins

Neil Valentine

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